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Advocate Investigation Services Limited was founded in 1966 as an agency to specifically cater to the needs of the legal profession. Due to its low profile and professional manner, it quickly developed corporate and private clients, and is now recognized by the most distinguished law firms and insurance companies.

Advocate is fully licensed and bonded in the Province of Ontario.

Advocate's success is attributed to its ability to clearly recognize a client's objectives and focus on the most efficient and cost effective means of achieving them.

Advocate is responsive, service oriented and provides clear and factual reports.


Insurance Investigations

Advocate provides a full line of services geared toward the insurance industry.

Fraudulent Disability Claims

If an individual is receiving benefits, resulting from a reported injury, and it is suspected that the claimant may be exaggerating or feigning the extent of the injury, a period of select, discreet surveillance can often reveal a claimant's true maneuverability. These observations may also reveal if the claimant, while collecting disability benefits, is involved in any other employment that is generating undisclosed income. Video taped evidence obtained, following the guidelines of the Ontario Workplace and Safety Board, accompanies our detailed written reports.

Corporate Intelligence and General Research

Advocate has a broad range of clients throughout North America, with their own individual requirements.

Although much of the work we undertake can be categorized under specific headings, there are certain assignments which may simply be grouped under the general heading of Corporate Intelligence and General Research.

Advocate is fundamentally an intelligence gathering organization and will endeavour to meet the requirements of each individual client.


Locates, Tracing and Missing Persons

Advocate has a department dedicated to the locating of individuals which can be for various reasons including:

Advocate's extensive database and resources, enable effective successful traces worldwide.


Due Diligence Inquiries

Company Directors have a legal obligation to exercise due diligence in carrying out their duties. These duties are particularly important in relation to corporate acquisitions or mergers. Advocate will conduct inquiries into the background of companies and their directors, in support of a client's professional advisers, to meet these obligations.



Financial Background Investigations and Worldwide Asset Tracing

Before proceeding with litigation, it is important to know whether the subject of litigation will be able to satisfy a judgment in the client's favour.

Advocate conducts covert investigations using an network of databases and contacts, combined with creative research to provide detailed and factual intelligence. This enables clients to make informed decisions on whether to proceed with litigation and presents the opportunity to execute judgment on identified assets.


Electronic Countermeasure Examinations

The sophistication of covert listening devices and the ease with which they may be obtained and installed poses a very real threat to companies of every description. Clients are particularly vulnerable at times in impending corporate change such as mergers, acquisitions, expansion, contract renewals or product launches.

Advocate constantly monitors the technological advances made by the manufacturers of surveillance equipment. Our technicians, equipped with the most modern detection equipment available, will carry out technical inspections of offices, boardrooms, conference facilities and residences to detect the presence of unauthorized audio transmitters, power line carriers, hard wire microphones and telephone listening devices. These are supplemented by comprehensive physical inspections.



The success of a surveillance is dependent on the professional ability of surveillance agents.

Mobile surveillance is carried out by experienced teams which can comprise of an assortment of vehicles, equipped with covert communications equipment and surveillance cameras.


Theft and Fraud Investigations

A company that has been the subject of a theft or fraud, may have no alternative but to instruct  a firm of corporate investigators to assist. A police prosecution could well generate adverse publicity or loss of public confidence in a company that has been targeted. Because police resources are stretched, they are frequently reluctant to devote time and effort required for a successful prosecution, particularly where a complainant has been unable to quantify losses or explain how they occurred.

Advocate provides clients with solutions tailored to their requirements thus enabling them to:

Advocate has staff who are specialized in fraud investigations and are recognized by The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners of Austin, Texas, with the earned designate of, Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).


Intellectual Property Investigations

Advocate has extensive experience in the investigation of patent, trademark and copyright infringements. Such inquiries range from routine investigations into the background and structure of a company and its use of a trademark, to complex investigations of copyright infringements which traditionally have no international boundaries.


Domestic Investigations

The most prevalent of domestic investigations are those where a spouse detects some sign with his/her mate that arouses suspicions of infidelity. An investigation that confirms such a suspicion can be helpful to the inquiring spouse toward, repairing the relationship, or utilizing the information in preparation for what might eventually lead to a break up in the relationship or marriage. Legal consultation at an early stage can prepare a protective shield especially where children are involved.

It is the policy of Advocate that at no time will any Advocate investigator pose as an agent provocateur in an attempt to encourage a person toward any act of infidelity.


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