Insurance Investigations

Advocate provides a full line of services geared toward the insurance industry.


Fraudulent Disability Claims

If an individual is receiving benefits, resulting from a reported injury, and it is suspected that the claimant may be exaggerating or feigning the extent of the injury, a period of select, discreet surveillance can often reveal a claimant's true maneuverability. These observations may also reveal if the claimant, while collecting disability benefits, is involved in any other employment that is generating undisclosed income. Video taped evidence obtained, following the guidelines of the Ontario Workplace and Safety Board, accompanies our detailed written reports.


Personal Injury

If as a lawyer your client has suffered a personal injury in a motor vehicle accident or in a slip and fall or in any other way, often there may be witnesses who may have seen the conditions that existed which subsequently led to the cause of your client’s injury. A professionally obtained statement from the witness can greatly assist in determining the level of liability.