Domestic Investigations


The most prevalent of domestic investigations are those where a spouse detects some sign with his/her mate that arouses suspicions of infidelity. An investigation that confirms such a suspicion can be helpful to the inquiring spouse toward, repairing the relationship, or utilizing the information in preparation for what might eventually lead to a break up in the relationship or marriage. Legal consultation at an early stage can prepare a protective shield especially where children are involved.


Child Custody

In matters where a break up in a relationship has led to the children residing with one parent, the other parent may, through circumstances, have suspicions that the children of the relationship are being neglected in some way. Small children may be being left at home unattended for unreasonable lengths of time or they may now be living in an environment where substance abuse is affecting their well-being and upbringing. Evidence obtained that support any of these suspicions, could well bring about amendments to an existing custody order.


Financial Support

A spouse, who has been ordered by a court to provide financial support to a former partner and/or the children, may make claim to the court that he/she is impecunious in an effort to reduce the financial obligations. In reality, the individual may have in contravention to a court order concealed assets and may have arranged for employment where he/she is being paid in cash, which is undeclared income. Assets which have been unlawfully concealed can be traced and confirmation of employment can be investigated.


It is the policy of Advocate that at no time will any Advocate investigator pose as an agent provocateur in an attempt to encourage a person toward any act of infidelity.